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What is Sustainable Skincare?

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

Here at Glotanicals, our entire reason for existing is to create the most sustainable skincare products on the market. But what does that really mean? Technically anyone can slap a ‘recycled' or 'biodegradable' sticker on their product and add a nice commitment to sustainability statement on their website, but what does that actually accomplish? Usually it doesn't accomplish much of anything besides a winning marketing strategy. We aim to go beyond the hype and do things differently at every level of our business. Curious to learn about how we do that? Read on friends!

Sustainable Packaging

The truth is even if you think you’re recycling your beauty containers, they are likely still ending up in a landfill. The most effective way to live sustainably is to reduce, reuse and recycle (in that order). Reducing and reusing is the only foolproof way to ensure that used up containers do not end up in landfills. That’s why we’ve pioneered the way for beauty companies to allow their consumers to reuse their products.

Multi-Use Products

Another great way to reduce impact on the environment is to reduce the amount of products that you have in the first place. We are all about simple, effective skincare so that you don’t need a 12-step product line to get results from your skincare. I know this might be hard to hear, but there is no real difference between your eye creams and night creams besides the opportunity to upsell to your consumers. So, we focus on multi-use and effective skincare products.

Sustainable Ingredients

An often overlooked aspect to skincare is the sustainability of the ingredients in the products. Where do they come from? How are they harvested? Are they renewable? Those are the kinds of questions we ask when sourcing every single ingredient in our products. We love natural ingredients when possible, but some of them really are better off growing within their natural environments rather than harvested in bulk for the sake of our skin. Not all of them though thankfully! We use a mixture of lab-made ingredients made from natural sources (ex: naturally derived vitamin E) and sustainably grown & harvested plant botanicals.

Carbon Neutral Shipping

We make all of our products in Australia and at this point only ship domestically within Australia. The less you have to move your product around, the less carbon emissions are burned in shipping. So, we've made the decision to only sell within the Australian market at this point and have partnered with a logistics partner that has a robust carbon offsetting program to make sure we are replenishing our local environment with trees planted for every shipment of Glotanicals that makes its

way to our customers' door.

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