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Ready for a Sustainable Skincare Routine that really works?



Our Story

Love Your Skin & The Planet

At Glotanicals we believe you can have the luxury of great skincare without the harm to the planet that often accompanies it. If you're like us you love to take care of your skin but shudder at the thought of throwing one more beauty container away wondering if it will actually get recycled or wind up in a landfill. In an industry that is drowning in plastic, we've decided to say enough is enough. We are taking a stand against single-use packaging and ingredients that are harmful to your skin & the environment.

Sustainability is a complex issue, but it is one that we are continuously learning about so that it informs every aspect of our business- from packaging to ingredient sourcing to shipments. We promise that as we grow we will continuously evolve and will always make the right choice when it comes to sustainability, even when it is easier not to. Because that is why we are here: to create great skincare products that work, that are a joy to use, and are truly sustainable. To forge the path, innovate, and prove that putting sustainability at the heart of your business is not only achievable but essential.

A Note From Our Founder

Thank you for supporting Glotanicals and believing in Sustainable Beauty! It's amazing people like you making better choices each and every day that will make a difference in this world. We're here to make one one of those choices easy by making sustainable products that really work and are a joy to use. But never forget that YOU are the real changemakers.


With love, 




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