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Sustainability Promise

Here at Glotanicals, our whole reason for existing is to create the most sustainable skincare products on the market. So you can enjoy the luxury of great skincare without sacrificing the health of the planet. 


But, what exactly does it mean to be sustainable? Sustainability is a complex issue with no universal ‘definition’ and certainly no regulated definition in the realm of personal care products. So, it’s up to us to define what that means and to keep innovating as we grow and learn more.

To us, sustainability really boils down to 5 principles:

Our products are safe for you & the planet. 

Glotanicals only uses ingredients that are biodegradable, chemical-free, & naturally derived that are good for your skin & will not harm the environment. This goes for both the skincare product you apply to your skin and the packaging that it is supplied in. 

We  say NO to single-use containers & plastics. 

We believe that it is not just possible, but necessary to reuse the containers that your skincare products come in. We will never supply you with skincare in a container that cannot be reused, refilled, or recycled. 

We source ingredients responsibly. 

We evaluate all of our partners and suppliers to make sure that they are using sustainable sourcing practices. We aim to use ingredients that do not cause deforestation or damage biodiversity and will not require huge amounts of water & resources to produce. We will also use locally produced ingredients where possible. 

100% Carbon Neutral

From day 1 we have tracked and offset the carbon emissions for all of our business operations and every single Glotanicals package shipped. Additionally, we work exclusively with manufacturing & shipping partners who are just as committed to reducing their impact on the environment as we are. Our goal is to eventually go beyond carbon neutral and be carbon positive by putting more back into the environment than we take. Learn more here. 

1 Tree Planted For Every Product Sold

For every Glotanicals product sold, we plant a tree with our friends at One Tree Planted. We're currently supporting reforestation projects in both countries we operate within: The United States & Australia. To learn more, check out our blog post!

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