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Will Sustainable Beauty Save the planet?

Will sustainable beauty safe the planet? Not really, but it still matters. In case you missed it, our planet is standing on some precarious ground these days with climate change, deforestation, and plastic pollution to name a few big issues. Our planet is drowning beneath the weight of our unsustainable lifestyles and the time for change is now.

That may seem like a scary thought and it's ok to feel that way. The first thing to do is to take a step back, take a deep breath, and recognize that climate change and environmental issues are not actually our fault. Sure, our lifestyles contribute but this is not a problem we can nail down to any individual. It is a societal problem that has been building for decades but that doesn't mean that we have no power in the matter. In fact, right now we are living in a time where we are more awake to these issues and do have the power to start making change. To start living more conscious lifestyles and be a part of the movement to stop climate change and build a better society for humans, animals, and nature to live in harmony.

It all starts with us and our lifestyles. The key to moving to a more low waste lifestyle is to look at one habit or one routine at a time. The best part? Making some of these changes doesn't have to be a drag. They can actually be better for you and more enjoyable as well! That's why I like to recommend that people start their low waste lifestyle by picking a routine that gets you excited and makes you feel good. That's why switching to a sustainable beauty routine is such a great place to start. Spending time on creating a beauty routine with sustainable products you love makes you feel soooo good! You get the nourishing routine, the good skin or makeup look, and the satisfaction of implementing a new sustainable habit. It's such a win and encourages you to keep going and to try new things in other routines as well.

To learn more, check out our recent article on why switching to a sustainable beauty routine is easier than you think.

If you're interested in switching to a sustainable skincare routine, our 2-step routine is the perfect place to start!

Sustainable Beauty Bundle: The Miracle Cleansing Powder & Everyday Glo Oil are the only 2 sustainable skincare products you need to get started with sustainable beauty.

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