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Journey to Sustainable Beauty- Part 2

Part 2: Partners & Product

Welcome back to the Journey to Sustainable Beauty series!

In the last post we got into the idea behind Glotanicals and how we got started. The thing about ideas though, is that they stay just that until you can bring it to life. So, the next logical step was to get this idea out of my head and into reality. The problem is that this isn’t the kind of idea I can bring into the world on my own unless I want to go get a cosmetic chemistry degree, open a lab, build a manufacturing facility, make the product, and figure out how to sell it. What I really needed was a great team of partners to bring this vision to life.

To create a skincare product you need 3x key partners:

  • Cosmetic Chemist: to create the formula

  • Packaging supplier: to supply packaging

  • Manufacturer: to produce & fill the product

To add complexity, I didn’t just need any partnerI needed partners who believed in Glotanicals and held the same sustainable hopes and dreams for the beauty industry that I do. This turned out to be a bit tougher than I anticipated, but for many reasons and not necessarily because potential partners don’t support sustainable brands. For starters, coming into the industry as a newcomer is always a bumpy ride in the beginning. You don’t have the connections or even the right lingo to woo your potential partners and you definitely don’t have the size & buying power to make yourself a lucrative client. After a bit of trial and error though, I started to figure out how to tell our story and what we wanted to accomplish in a way that brought potential partners to my side even if we weren’t in a position to work together yet.

After lots of awkward initial conversations with potential partners I’m happy to say that we finally found a great partner right here in Australia that believes in our vision and sustainability efforts. We’ve been working together for a few months now and I’m happy to say we have produced an amazing first product: The Everyday Glo Oil launching in Australia by September 2020. We will be opening up for pre-orders soon and offering a special discount for our email subscribers only so pop in your email at the bottom of the page if you want access first and I promise no spam!

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