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DIY Oil Cleanser

Updated: Aug 8, 2020

At Glotanicals we are all about simple & effective solutions for a skincare routine that treads lightly on the planet. While we have been in the development process for a cleansing product to add to the line, we've come across what we believe to be the best eco-friendly solution to removing makeup: oil cleansing! While an oil cleanser will be added to the line eventually, it is totally possible to DIY this yourself at home so we wanted to share our recipe with you in the meantime. I know there are plenty of sustainable beauty geeks like us who love to DIY and when you come across a great solution like this it's too good not to share!

Before we dive into the oil cleanser, let's talk just a bit about why oil cleansing is good for your skin and contrary to popular belief, will not cause clogged pores or breakouts.

Benefits of Oil Cleansing:

  • Gently removes makeup, dirt, bacteria, and oxidised sebum (which leads to blackheads) from your pores

  • Will not dry out the skin by removing its natural oils

  • Easy to find made with clean, organic, natural ingredients (or DIY yourself)

  • Suitable for all skin types (really!)

What about oily skin?

Oil cleansing is actually great for oily skin, here's why:

1) Oil dissolves oil, so when you massage it into the skin it will dissolve any bad oils that build up on the skin and cause breakouts.

2) Using harsh cleansers and astringents actually strip your skin of natural oils and cause it to overproduce oils that cause breakouts in response.

No matter if you have dry or oily skin, oil cleansing is a great solution for removing impurities and makeup from your skin every day. The truth is no matter how good your skincare is, if you are layering it on top of old makeup from the day before and a buildup of bacteria you will get breakouts no matter what. So, an effective cleansing solution is an absolutely essential building block for beautiful glowing skin.

We love this solution so much we are adding it to our skincare line at Glotanicals, but we also wanted to share with you our go-to DIY recipe that anyone can do at home (& on a budget!).

Glotanicals DIY Oil Cleanser


2 tbsp Carrier Oil (olive, coconut, jojoba, sweet almond, or avocado oil work beautifully)

2 tbsp Witch Hazel

2 tbsp Filtered Water


1) Add all ingredients to a jar and shake

2) Dip a cotton round in the solution and massage it into the skin

3) Rinse and follow with a nourishing facial oil or moisturiser of your choice

Glotanicals DIY Oil Cleanser

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