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Beauty Resolutions To Keep All Year Long

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Beauty Skincare Resolutions to Keep All Year Long

I've always been on the fence about New Years resolutions. I like the concept of them but have a bit of an issue with waiting until a new year to make a positive change in your life...especially when most people give up about a month later. Which makes me think we're either making unrealistic resolutions or we don't really care about the goal. A goal I'm always striving for, no matter the time of year, is great skin and beauty rituals that make me feel my best. So, you can take these tips as 'resolutions' or if you're more like me as a fun way to achieve your #skingoals all year long.

Tip #1 : Beauty starts from the inside out.

Sounds cliche but it's true! As someone who makes & sells skincare products, I hate to tell you this but the truth is there is no amount of product that will cover up bad health. If your body is unhealthy, dehydrated, sleep deprived, or dealing with hormonal issues it will show up on your skin no matter how expensive your serum is. Focus on the simple things to get your health & best skin: drink plenty of water, move your body for at least 30 mins every day, focus on real whole foods over processed, and sleep for at least 7-8 hours a night.

Tip #2: Establish a solid skincare routine you can stick to.

Consistency is KEY when it comes to skincare so if a 10 step routine is too much for your schedule (or bandwidth at the end of a long day), forget about it and find a simpler routine. Our Glotanicals philosophy is that skincare doesn't have to be overly complicated. The main areas to focus on are making sure that you're cleansing, hydrating, & protecting your skin from UV rays and oxidation that cause hyperpigmentation and wrinkles. A simple skincare routine can look like this:

AM: splash face with water or use a gentle cleanser and follow with a moisturizer or face oil & SPF.

PM: Remove makeup first and then cleanse the skin. Follow with a hydrating oil.

Tip #3: Make your skincare routine feel good!

We could all use a bit more me time and with everything going on in the world these days it can all feel like a bit too much some days, am I right? Even if we're busy (hey all you mamas and entrepreneurs out there!) we have to carve out those small bits of time to make ourselves feel good. For me, I love turning my nighttime skincare routine into my 'me time'. I close the door, light a candle, and take that 10 extra minutes to really take my time with it and use facial massage techniques in every step of the process. I always come out feeling better than I did when I started.

Tip #4: Take it to the tits!

Why leave all the fun for your face when you can take it all the way down to the tits? But seriously, the skin on your neck is just as prone to sun damage & aging as your face and often is the first skin to show signs of aging because many of us forget to treat this part of our skin. No need to buy specially designed products though, instead just hydrate and protect this area with the exact same products you're using on your face.

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